The Spiritual Discipline of Reading and Study

Books I am reading:

[ ]Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy – by Eric Metaxas
[ ]All the Promises of the Bible – By Herbert Lockyer
[ ]1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus – by Charles C. Mann
[ ]The Unsettling of America – by Wendell Berry
[ ] Follow Me – by David Platt
[ ] Has God Spoken? – by Hank Hanegraaff
[ ] Pilgrim at Tinker Creek – by Annie Dillard
[ ] The Message of Salvation – by Philip G. Ryken
[ ] Worship – by A. P. Gibbs
[ ] The Joshua Code – by O. S. Hawkins
[ ] The Michael Guido story – by
[ ] God’s Unfinished Book – by Ray Stedman
[ ] Spiritual Warfare – by Ray Stedman
[ ] History of the Christian Church Vol 1 – by Philip Schaff
[ ] Gathering Together – ed by Rodney W. Kennedy
[ ] Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers – by Christopher A. Hall
[ ] Living the Lord’s Prayer – by Albert Haase

Books I have finished reading since June 1, 2012:

[X]Practical Studies in Revelation – by Theodoe Epps
[X]The Politics of Jesus – by John Howard Yoder
[X]The Jesus Way – by Eugene Peterson
[X]The Contemplative Pastor – By Eugene Peterson
[X]The Meaning of Marriage – by Timothy Keller
[X]God’s Favorite Place on Earth – by Frank Viola
[X]The Meaning of the Psalms – by Walter Brueggeman
[X]Worship by the Book – By D. A. Carson, ed.
[X]Every Good Endeavor – by Timothy Keller
[X]Life of the Beloved – by Henri J. M. Nouwen
[X]The Wounded Healer – by Henri J. M. Nouwen
[X]Spiritual Direction – by Henri J. M. Nouwen
[X]The Moravian Church Trough the Ages – by John R. Weinlick
[X]The Ragamuffin Gospel – by Brennan Manning
[X]Multiply – by Francis Chan
[X]Middle East Burning – by Mark Hitchcock
[X]All the Angels of the Bible – by Herbert Lockyer
[X]Ancient Paganism: The Sorcery of the Fallen Angels – by Ken Johnson
[X]Generous Justice – by Timothy Keller
[X]Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politic in the Book of Revelation – by Elaine Pagels
[X]The Book of Revelation Made Easy – by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.
[X]Reaching Out without Dumbing Down – by Marva J. Dawn
[X]Jesus: A Theography – by Frank Viola
[X]Powers, Weakness, and the Tabernacling of God – by Marva Dawn
[X]In Constant Prayer – by Robert Benson
[X]Tithing: Test Me in This – by Douglas LeBlanc
[X]Letters to the Seven Churches – by William Barclay
[X]Invitation to Solitude and Silence – by Ruth Haley Barton
[X]Guide to Spiritual Warfare – by E. M. Bounds
[X]The Explicit Gospel – by Matt Chandler
[X]The great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why – by Phyllis Tickle
[X]Biblical Demonology: A Study of Spiritual Forces at Work Today – by Merrill F. Unger
[X]The Sacred and Profane History of thew World Connected – by Samuel Shuckford
[X]The Harbinger – by Jonathan Cahn
[X]The Baptist Identity: Four Fragile Freedoms – by Walter B. Shurden
[X]Answering God – by Eugene Peterson
[X] God’s favorite Place on Earth – by Frank Viola
[X]Soul Detox – by Craig Groeschel
[X] Heaven is for Real – by Todd Burpo
[X] Brotherhood of Darkness – by Stanley. Monteith
[X] Love Wins – by Ron Bell
[X] The Christian Atheist – by Craig Groeschel
[X] Worship – by John MacArthur
[X] Multiply – by Francis Chan
[X] The Meaning of Marriage – by Timothy Keller
[X] One Bible, Many Versions – by Dave Brunn
[X] I Am a Church Member- by Thom S. Rainer
[X] Afterlife – by Hank Hanegraaff
[X] Unseen – by Jack Graham

Books I Plan to Read

– The Age of Revelation – by Ellis Boudinot
– The Age of Reason – by Thomas Paine
– Common Sense – by Thomas Paine
– 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created – by Charles C. Mann
– Whosoever Will: A Biblical-Theological Critique of Five-Point Calvinism – By David L., Allen and Steve W. Lemke
– Exposing Myths about Christianity – by Jeffrey Burton Russell
– Spiritual Disciplines within the Church: Participating Fully in the Body of Christ – by Donald S. Whiteney
– A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future – by Os Guinness
– Blue Like Jazz – by Donald Miller
– Why Holiness Matters – by Tyler Braun
– Read the Bible for Life – by George H. Guthrie
– Explore the Book – by J. Sidlow Baxter
– Redeeming Church Conflicts – by Tara Barthel
– The Art of the Common Place – by Wendell Berry
– Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community – by Wendell Berry
– Resurrection – by Hank Hanegraaff
– The Face That Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution – by Hank Hanegraaff
– Melissa – by Frank Page
– Playing God – by Andrew Crouch

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